Does your anxiety rule you and stop you from achieving your work, personal and life dreams?

You can gain Mastery Over Your Anxiety if you are successful in applying for our  Complimentary Discovery Session. 


  • Having inner peace sleeping comfortably as you are dreaming of speaking with inspiration
  • Doubling your energy as you do what you love, with excitement, free of anxiety
  • Believing in yourself in what you can achieve
  • Gaining Mastery Over anxiety so you can move towards your dreams.

But you are not achieving your dreams due to your anxiety, fears or nervousness.

Do your fears, anxieties and unreal expectations get in the way of you being a great presenter? 

Does your Monkey Mind start to distract your focus when you try to deal with your anxiety?

Have you decided just to cope with anxiety and given up on your dreams?

Does your lack of confidence or lack of belief in yourself, make you feel like walking away?

I experienced many of these and know how painful, distracting and embarrassing they can be.

I started my life as an introverted identical twin.  I struggled with just talking to other people but found that if I got up in front of a group I would let go of my fears and inhibitions and enjoy the experience.  This made me curious and I wanted to know how to get that feeling of excitement more often.
I had bad claustrophobia which I needed to resolve after my life long ambition of entering the Giza Pyramid in Egypt was stopped due to my anxiety.
Overcoming the anxiety with hypnosis and then becoming an NLP Trainer to   improve my communication skills, taught me the power of the mind and spirit to not just cope but overcome my fears.
I found that as a psychic medium, who gets up on platform to give messages, I knew I could get rid of my fears, doubts and lack of confidence, but I still had to go through and commit to doing the changes that enabled me to be the confident inspiring speaker and platform medium.  Now I coach others to do the same.

I would love to assist you in gaining control and mastery over your anxiety, so you can get rid of it.  The start of this is to apply for a complimentary Discovery Session with me.

During this session you'll get the chance to speak with me.

You'll get to create a strategy for gaining mastery over your anxiety. You will have an experience during the discovery session of what it is like to be free of your anxiety.

These 1-1 complimentary sessions get booked up fast, so apply now!

I'll contact you within 1-3 business days to schedule your session if your application is approved.

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