You are always learning

You are Always Learning

What have you learned today?  That was a question I would ask my son when he came home from secondary school. The answer was usually the same “Not much”. Did I believe him? No!  I knew that he had gained new knowledge from his subjects at school, talking with friends about stories of others that he was not aware, and using a new app on his phone.

Every day you are learning something new.  As I am in the final stage of getting my new book self-published, I need to design the cover.  I have a choice of whether I learn to do this myself or get someone else to do it.  Even in this simple activity, I am learning about the companies out in the business world who design book covers.   This is only one thing of the many learnings I have had this week.

Action for This Week

Become more aware of what you are learning. For a week at the end of each day, write down anything you can think of that you learned that day.  See how much you have written in one week.  Then pick at least one learning from the list and discuss what you learned with someone who supports you. This helps to reinforce your understanding and your retention.

Have a good week

David Donahoo

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  • Di

    September 27, 2016

    Thank you, David.
    This is an excellent idea to remind ourselves how much we receive and learn everyday. It’s a mindset I embrace but every now and then I need reminding!