Why did that happen?

Why did that happen?

Have you ever asked yourself why an event or an experience happened?  I ask it all the time because I am curious. By asking the question, I am able to determine what I need to change, if anything, as a result of the event to reduce impact if it happened again. Do you want to know what you can learn from asking the question about situations in your life?

As a simple example, I had a few days where I was sneezing and I could not work out why, other than the weather was cooler.  I went to a naturopath and explored it with her.  She said the weather should not cause the symptoms I had.  Instead, it seemed to be more of an allergic reaction.  As we explored the idea, we ruled out being allergic to wool and nylon.  Finally, I said that I have similar issues when we put on the ducted heating due to the dust.  That was the problem.  My jumpers have not been worn for a few months, so they have dust on them that spreads when I put the jumper on, so I sneeze.  The outcome was that I got all my jumpers washed and no longer have the issue.  I also know that for next year, I need to be aware of this and wash the jumpers before I wear them at the end of summer.

Since I ask the question a lot, I decided this year to write a book on the topic.  My main focus will be around relationship issues and breakups and why they happen.  Having had my first marriage breakup after 4 years, I know by asking the question early, I have been able to make major changes so my second marriage has lasted over 25 years.

In listening to Doreen Virtue, who writes many books about angels, talk about writing books, she says to be prepared to over a vein and bleed.  Having put the plan of the book together, I am beginning to understand what she means.  It makes you confront issues, dislikes and blocks in yourself that you need to deal with.

The book will explore the process for resolving the question “why did that happen?”. You will learn to discover the reasons why things happen in your life, and what you can learn or discover by asking the question.  By just asking the question, it can bring to your awareness a lot of other questions which when answered make the uncomfortable experience a worthwhile learning experience.

As a little exercise, think about a minor event that happened in your life recently.  Now ask the question “why did that happen?”  Notice what comes to your mind.  Notice the questions that are unanswered.  Imagine if you were able to either find the answers to those other questions or make an educated guess, what difference would it make to you now or if that event occurred again?  As you reflect on this notice what you become aware of.

As the year goes by.  I will share more information about the book with you.

Have a great day achieving your success.


David Donahoo

Coach and NLP Trainer, and Hypnotherapist

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