Whose behaviour are you modelling

Whose behaviour are you modelling?

In life, we model people from our past. Can you answer the following questions, who from your past are you modelling?  Do you know? When you were a child, you learned many different behaviours from your parents and siblings that are stored in your unconscious mind.  You may have learned how to deal with emotions from Mum, sit and read the paper like Dad, have a work commitment like your older sibling, or help everyone else rather than yourself by Mum or Dad.

Your unconscious behaviour has been modelled from someone or multiple people you have observed.  When you experience a habit that does not suit you or behaviour that is disempowering, you want to ask yourself, whether you want to keep that behaviour or learn a new one?

Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis are easy and quick ways to create new empowering behaviours.  Before you can use them, you need to be aware of the behaviour or habit that us not working for you and you are willing to change.  Once you have decided, then go ahead and create the new behaviour and mindset to become more empowered.

Action for This Week

Over the next week become aware of a habit that you have that does not suit you?  Then decide how you want it to be.  To create the new behaviour, listen to my recording of creating a new behaviour using hypnosis. Creating a new behaviour  If you need more help, then you can book in for a session to learn self-hypnosis or help in creating change

Have a good week

David Donahoo

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