Where are you on your Journey?

Do you know where you are on your Journey?

Fitness experts tells us to go for walks to improve our physical and mental states. Recently, I walked my little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and when we left home I noticed she was limping. I had planned to do a 2.5 km walk but due to concern of her physical problem I ended up doing just half that.

The journey I had planned for my fitness and for that of my dog did not go to plan. Her difficulty in walking made me feel uncomfortable and I was concerned the walk would cause her discomfort and maybe cause her injury to get worse. So I changed my plan and I felt better.

You are currently walking along your life journeys. There may have been one or many paths you have traveled on up to now. In the future there will be many more paths that you take. The question this raises is, do you stop and review your progress to understand where you are on your journey?

Currently in my life, I am journeying down several paths. I have my business path, my training path, my family path and my spiritual energy path. Because of life situations, changes keep occurring that impact my paths. Recently, I accepted the opportunity to train students in a Diploma of Training and Education. This decision meant I had to stop and review not only my business path, but all the different paths I am on since the training requires interstate travel, I had to review the impact on my family life, on my business and on my spiritual development path.

When I considered where my business was at, I had to think about a few things. I had just become an NLP Trainer and was planning to do NLP training later this year, however I realised that my new teaching role would interfere with my NLP training. This meant I need to make a decision on what I wanted do. I decided the thrill of teaching, and the travel involved was something that I could do now. A major consideration in taking this path was that I didn’t know how long it would be available to me, or if it would come up again. So I decided to take it, which meant that my direction and path has changed from where I originally set out.

I have had coaches over the last few years who have helped me with my business journey and spiritual journeys by having me stop and review where I was at to enabled me to decide whether to stay on one journey or change it. This is what I am doing now.

Where are you at in your various life journeys? Have you sat down and worked out where you are, where you are going and why? Have you stopped and considered where your journey needs to change due to unforeseen impacts?

I suggest you take the time to stop and consider where you are in your life. Identify those things impacting you and become aware of those that you may not have been taking notice of. Like my dog, I noticed her limp and made the decision to change my journey. As you do this review you can gain more clarity of your journeys.

Enjoy your journey.


David Donahoo

Communications Coach, NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist

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