What is a Success Mindset?

What is a Success Mindset?

Today let’s talk about success mindsets. Firstly, what is a mindset? When you think about what makes you happy, you are using your conscious and unconscious minds. When you think about a time when you were happy, you go into your unconscious mind to access that information. However, this information is filtered through several systems which include your Values system which gives meaning to things, your belief system for things that are true to you, and also your own experiences and attitudes towards the subject.. Together these all form the way your mind works, and the way you think. This is your mindset.

We have different mindsets for different areas of life. You can have a career mindset which will be different to your mindset on health, wealth or relationships. Your mindset influences your thoughts, feelings and behavior.

I listened to Hay House radio this morning and a caller said how their mindset about themselves was negatively influencing their ability to eat properly.  As this was discussed on the radio show, the caller became aware that her anger towards her ex-husband was one of the experience she had that influenced her eating habits.  So to change her eating behavior she needed to change her mindset about her ex-husband.  In other words, she had to identify what she had learned and received from the relationship so you could be grateful for it and thus change her mind which changed her behavior towards eating.

My mindset around my coaching, therapy, training and supervising business is to help people learn to help others. This has influenced my approach to training in NLP, as I want to help people learn NLP so they can understand others, and coach them in areas that they already have expertise.  So I look for people to do my training who want to help others, more than just focus on teaching NLP to anyone. So I have a different mindset to training in NLP than other NLP trainers.  So our mindset is one things that will differentiate you from others doing similar work, in similar relationships or who have similar financial situations.

Our mindset dictates our actions and behaviors.  In NLP it refers to the filters of the mind.  These filter that I mentioned earlier like beliefs, values, decisions and attitudes are at the unconscious level of the mind.  These filters control what comes into our mind, by deleting, distorting and generalizing the information from the external events, reducing the actual amount that is stored. This means that our mindset is associated with the unconscious mind which is the main influencer on our behaviors and habits.

If you want to create success, you need to have successful behaviors and habits which implies you unconscious mindset need to have filters that look for and allow you to create success.

Have you ever been to a seminar where they promised you career, financial, relationship, spiritual or health success and when you left with their list of steps, you either had limited success or worse, failed miserably wasting not only your time but also your money?  You blame the trainer and the seminar and tell everyone that it does not work and was a waste of time.

What if it was not their fault that you were not successful like they said you could be?  What if you just thought differently from them, had different experiences, conflicting habits and behaviours, and did not have the same beliefs and value they did?  In other words you were not taught and did not develop their mindset.  They taught you behaviors instead of their mindset. If they taught you their mindset then you would have changed your mind and been able to apply their strategies, processes and behaviors to have similar success.

How do you create a success mindset with all the associated filters in alignment?  You can do this by modeling the mindset of other successful people.  To be successful like someone such as Jack Canfield, who co-wrote the Chicken Soup for the soul books with Mark Victor Hansen, you need to understand not just their behavior but also the mindset: beliefs, values, decisions and attitudes of Jack Canfield.

The best way to do this is to model the person.  You can do this by asking the person questions to identify their mindset on how they became successful you just need to ask the questions and listen to the answers.  Once you have that information, then you need to start to model their mindset and behaviors to be successful.

If you want to be able to learn to do this easily and quickly, then you may want to consider learning NLP, because modeling is one of the most important subjects that we teach in the NLP Practitioner 8 day workshop. To find out more visit: www.nlptraincoach.com/nlp-practitioner-training

Alternatively, if you need help with modelling success, I can help to coaching you.  At The Eyes of Horus, we have 3, 6 or 12 months group and individual programs available.  To find out more or to book in for a free 45 minute success coaching introduction session, please email David at: enquiry@nlptraincoach.com, or visit: www.nlptraincoach.com/coaching.


Have a great day achieving your success.


David Donahoo

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