Why do others not think like You do?

Have you ever told a joke that you thought was very funny and other people who heard it did not laugh?  Imagine you go to your favourite restaurant with a friend and you think entrée and main course is the way to eat a meal. Why do they think it is much better to have main course and sweets?  You are in a team meeting and others in the team cannot see why they should go with your proposal.

Why does this happen? Why are they different to you?  If you are like me, when I was a lot younger, you may wonder why they do not think like you do all the time.

Working with the mind, especially as I am an NLP trainer, I began to realise why others think differently to me.  Even my brothers and sister think differently to the way I think.  I even have a twin brother who I originally thought had the same thoughts as me, but now I know we have some similarities and some differences.  If family members think differently to you, then what about your friends, work colleagues or partner? How can you think like them, or have them think like you?

Your thoughts come from your experiences, decisions, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and values.  These are developed during your life.  But once they are developed they can still change.  When I had claustrophobia, that I got rid of it with hypnotherapy, I thought going into lifts and caves were a scary action to take.  Now I have no issues.  I think totally different because I change my mindset; my beliefs, decisions and behaviours.

If you want to think like someone else then you can, as long as you can work out how they think.  It is not what they say that you need to know, it is what is going on inside their head that you need to be aware of.  If you want to get on with your boss, then you need to know what she is thinking about and how she does it.  If you want harmony with your children or partner, know what their values, beliefs, experiences, decisions and attitudes are which make up their mindsets.

To discover how a person thinks you can ask them.  Often they will respond with “I don’t know how I think!”  Another option is to find out their beliefs, decisions, and experiences, is by asking “why do they think that way”, when taking about work, home, family, money or career.  A third option is to learn NLP, where you discover how to identify a person’s thinks pattern using a number of tools and techniques.

No matter how you do it, you may like to think about the benefits for you if you can understand others better.  Maybe you can stop having disagreements with others, improve conditions, workload or salary at work, have a better relationship with your family or just understand yourself better.

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I will leave you with this thought. With all the football, basketball , soccer, rugby union, or other sporting teams around, if everyone thought the same would we not all support the same team?


David Donahoo

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