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It's great that you have decided to take control of your future and gain mastery over you anxiety by signing up for our upcoming 35-day Boot Camp.

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  • Bonus 1 - Hypnotic Audio

    A number of Hypnotic audios to help you gain mastery over your anxiety:

    Finding your Safe Place
    Learn Self Hypnosis
    General Beach Relaxation
    Becoming Free of Fear

  • Bonus 2 - eBooks

    eBooks to help with anxiety:

    10 reasons why you don’t overcome anxiety and what to do about it.

    3 Secrets to eliminate presentation anxiety.

  • Bonus 3 - Self Discovery Checklists

    Numerous checklists and worksheets to complete to discover more about yourself.

    The documents and instructions help you complete the checklists and worksheets and explain what they mean.

Your Investment is 5 fortnightly payments of $50

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