The Eyes of Horus - Talks - Workshops - Webinars

At The Eyes of Horus we help you to gain mastery over your anxiety and to access your wisdom and life purpose.  We do this with our talks and presentations, through our workshops and webinars.   Topics include:

  1. Dealing with and gaining mastery over your anxiety
  2. Helping those who know others with anxiety, to learn what to say and how to help
  3. Teaching those who help clients with anxiety to improve their skills and knowledge in overcoming anxiety
  4. Learn to be a better presenter
  5. Starting to develop your intuition and wisdom
  6. Access your life purpose and start living your purpose
  7. Or other relevant courses.

Click on the links below to gain more information on our Webinars:

  1. Take back control of your anxiety

Click on the links below to gain more information on our Talks and Presentations on overcoming anxiety:

  1. Overcoming Stress and Anxiety using your ABC
  2. Rethinking anxiety – hold onto the benefits and let go of impacts
  3. Move your business and career forward using your ABC to overcome any resistance
  4. Write and give a great presentation with inspiration and confidence
  5. Help your friends with their anxiety, even when it is exhausting to explain the unexplainable