Help your friends with their anxiety, even when it is so exhausting to explain the unexplainable

Watch this video and find out
more about our Free group presentation on how to
help those with anxiety, when they find it
so exhausting to explain the unexplainable.

When you have not had anxiety, it can be hard to relate to a person who has anxiety.  You will want to watch this introduction video to learn about connecting and helping those with anxiety.

In Our full free presentation  we cover:

  1. What is anxiety and how to explain the unexplainable
  2. What to say to someone with anxiety so they listen to you
  3. Steps for overcoming anxiety
  4. And More.

Type "I'm in to learn about anxiety" in the comments below, if you want me to present to you and your  team or group about this free talk or others talks on dealing with anxiety.


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