Accept Yourself

Accept yourself first then change

Accept Yourself A client said to me “l don’t like who I am!” Can you help me change?  My answer was not what she expected. I said before I can help you make the changes you want; you will need to accept yourself as you are. This is a challenge for anybody, regardless of their…

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Do you ask the right Question

Do you ask the right question?

It’s all about the Questions You Ask I was talking to my wife the other day and I asked her a question about whether I had developed more flexibility over the last 15 years.  As I am now teaching a 5 day Diploma in Training and Education, I thought it would be a good time…

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Success: Accepting from others

Knowing about success is one thing.  But the question I have for you is: Do you accept success into your life?  Your first response may be “of course I do”. But let’s find out if you really do accept success. What does it mean to accept success? I went shopping for a few groceries the…

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Measuring Success

Now days nearly everyone has a mobile phone. Imagine holding it in your hand. You can see the shape, size, weight and colour of the phone. In other words you can measure it.  Recently the new iphones were released, there are two different sizes. You can identify which phone you have from its measurements. If you…

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