Success is up to you

Do you have success in certain areas of your life?  Do you know how you created it?  Was it a fluke or planned?  According to Jack Canfield, the successful author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, in one of his other popular books titled Success Principles, he mentions that success is up to you and no one else.  Whether you are successful in life, career, relationships or finances, it depends on you.  So who are you?  You are made up of beliefs, values, experiences, decisions, attitudes and habits.  These are what makes you an individual.

I have an identical twin brother.  At school, teachers and others students could not tell us apart.  Often we would be called by each other’s name because people could not make the distinction.  Yet in being identical, we are also very individual.  He won a gold medal at the World Masters Athletes Indoor Championships, becoming the world champion for his age group in the 3 kilometre indoor race walking. He is 56 years old.

For me to have been a successful walker like my twin brother, I would had to have modelled his world.  I would need to have:

  • His beliefs that I could race walk and win.
  • Similar experiences to get the same racing knowledge
  • A decision making ability around training and racing which he has
  • Habits and attitude to go out training and have the commitment to do it

Since I have not modelled him and did not want to be a race walker, I have not developed a similar mindset of his beliefs, decisions and habits, so I have not got his successes.

For you to create success in one or more areas of your life requires you to have the following five mental traits:

  • Compelling reason for doing so
  • To know what is success
  • To be able to measure success so you know when you have achieved it
  • To have a success mindset
  • Have an understanding of how you create success

NLP (neuro-Linguistic Programming) began as a model of how we communicate with ourselves and with others, and how we process information that comes to us from internal and external sources.  I developed traits for success through my training and practice of NLP. I have learned the many concepts, tools and models to create success in my life.

Recently, I successfully achieved a compelling goal I have had for a few years, which was to fly Business Class to England and Ireland and return on a 4 week holiday. I achieved this by knowing what I needed to do, what measures I needed to consider, and created a supporting mindset to enable me to do what I needed in my business to achieve the goal.  Interestingly I did not pay for business class both ways, as such, instead I used QANTAS Frequent Flyer points for the tickets.  I understood what I had to do to create my success.

If you have these traits, then you too can use them to create success in the areas of your life where you feel that you are not getting the success you want.

Alternatively if you do not have these traits or you are not getting the success that you want, then let my blog take you on a journey to discover and allow yourself to evolve to create successes in your life.

Have a great day and enjoy learning about yourself and others.


David Donahoo

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