Success: Accepting from others

Knowing about success is one thing.  But the question I have for you is: Do you accept success into your life?  Your first response may be “of course I do”. But let’s find out if you really do accept success.

What does it mean to accept success? I went shopping for a few groceries the other day and while I was walking past the frozen foods I saw Drumsticks were on special.  They had a box of 24 for $19.99.  When I took it and my other groceries to the cash register, I had to hand them over to the checkout person so she could process it through the register and once I had paid for it she gave them back to me.

We often talk about giving and receiving. I had to give the drumsticks away to the checkout person so I could receive and accept them back once I had paid.  This of course is normal when you shop. However, is it normal in all areas of your life?  Imagine what would happen if I gave the drumsticks to the checkout person, paid and then decided that I didn’t allow myself to receive or accept things from others.  In that case I would have walked out without any drumsticks or any other groceries, even though I had paid for them.  I would have given and not allowed myself to receive.

You only receive from others by saying “yes” to what is offered. If you only ever give you will end up empty handed.  To accept means leaving with what you want or more.

Let’s look at other examples where people did not accept and walked away empty handed:

  • A person is having money issues and can’t afford food. It is suggested they contact St Vincent de Paul society who help in this area. They say no giving an excuse that there are others worse off who need that service.
  • Friend who is out of work and can’t afford a holiday. They reject an offer for a few days at the friend’s beach house with the excuse that they don’t want intrude.
  • A wealthy person who has everything is given one flower as an act of kindness. They reject the flower and throw it away because it has little monetary value

There are also stories where people do accept from others. You often hear on Sunday night news programs of these stories. One I saw recently reported on a young struggling family who had their car stolen with Christmas presents in the back. Good Samaritans, as we know them, provided the family with new presents and they also received a car.  Did this family say NO to accept from others?  The family asked for what they wanted and were open to accepting and therefore received.

Here are 5 tips to help you to accept success into your life:

  1. Wait to say NO when the opportunity to receive occurs. Try saying YES initially and discover what happens.
  2. Think about what you really want in your life. Then when opportunities arise to help you get what you want, accept and receive.
  3. Thoughts lead to feelings which lead to behavior. You can create habits by changing your behavior, which will affect your feelings and create new thoughts
  4. Write down all the reasons why it is good to receive. Keep going until you get to 20 reasons.
  5. If the opportunity arises to accept and receive and you say NO, become aware of how it impacts your own successes and possibly the successes of others.

Remember as you give you have the right to say yes and accept.

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Have a great day achieving your success.


David Donahoo

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