Stress Management Training

Managing Stress with Hypnotherapy and NLP in Templestowe is easy and relaxing. As you became aware of your stresses and what you can do about them, the better control you have of your stress.

Managing Stress is easier than you think using Hypnotherapy and NLP Our program has been specifically designed to provide you with the ability to control your stress and learn how to deal with it so you can be a much more relaxed person long term. Did you know most people who do not manage stress in their life is due to:

  • Unable to say No
  • Lack of confidence in asking people for help or assistance
  • Trying to change what they have no control or influence on e.g. global financial criss
  • Lack of skills and knowledge in managing stress

Our program is designed to:

  • Help you manage your stress
  • Deal with habits and causes of why your stress is out of control
  • Know what to do stress comes back so you do not lose control again
  • Learn how to relax

Most clients want the change to occur now.  Using hypnotherapy and NLP enables us to help you quickly.  Stress has many anchors to other life events, thoughts, emotions and beliefs that have develop over time.  Therefore the program is initially a 3 session program, with the option of another 3 sessions if needed. From the first session you are already gaining control of your stress.  The program starts with a 90 minute appointment to understand your problem and start making the changes.  Then the subsequent 60 minute sessions working on helping you to learn to manage your stress. I am committed to helping you change if you are willing to make the commitment to the program.  Just think about your current stress problem.

Now just imagine you are now managing your stress and it is under control, notice how things have changed.  How you have control of your life and notice what is now working for you.

Take Action and Book a Session and learn to how to manage your stress and become a much more relaxed person?

Alternatively, you can email David at with your name and contact details, and call David on 0419 517 716.

What is it costing?

  • How are your relationships with family?  Is it working for you?
  • Are you able to sleep, or do you suffer badly from insomnia.
  • Is it causing health issues due to the stress or even lack of sleep
  • What is the impact on your career?