Spiritual Development Coaching

Many of us are becoming aware of our spiritual and energetic journeys.  As you start or progress through this journey, it is often useful to have a guide who can:

  • Help you gain understanding of your questions
  • Provide direction when you are uncertain where to go and
  • Help you to discover what is real for you that the world is skeptical about.

I have been on my spiritual journey for over 20 years.  I have learn a lot about life, spirit world and energy.  I have progress from Reiki to using energy at many different levels in my life and for others.  I have worked with angels, guides, ancestors, elementals, animals, spirits and aliens to help myself and others bring change into their lives and into this world. Our Spiritual coaching Melbourne will help you to explore and expand your spiritual development. Our system for individual spiritual coaching is designed to lead you through a journey of discovery into a new understanding, an expanded life and one of new opportunities and abundance.  Everyone's journey is slightly different. Our coaching starts off by understanding where you are now on your journey and where it is taking you and I help you to take that journey. Register your interest for our Coaching Program, at the bottom of the page and you will receive a 45 minute complimentary discovery session at our clinic in Templestowe (Melbourne VIC)  or by phone, to determine the suitability and fit of our programs for you.

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