Spiritual Development Circle

Expand your ideas and understanding at our Spiritual Development Circle. It is an open group covering many different topics



As a spirit living a human experience, you have the support of the Spirit World assisting you daily.

However, Do You Know How They help You when life does not seem to be going the way you want?  Do you know how to change so you can have a successful and fulfilling life?  

Our Spiritual Development Groups will commence later in 2017, to help people develop their psychic skills; to learn and understand.

Aims of the Spiritual Development group are to help you:

  • Develop your spirituality as you apply it to yourself, and moves from gaining knowledge to creating wisdom through monthly workshop
  • To develop your psychic skills; to learn and understand.
  • Develop your understanding of intuition and provide reflection on how intuition shows up in your life.
  • Grow your experience with the spirit world by applying what you learn into the real world.

Why would You attend this Spiritual Development circle?

  • Understand what does it mean to be a spirit having a human experience
  • Learn how to use the spirit world in our daily life for what we want, such as success, fulfillment and abundance
  • Discover what is happening in the spirit world that can benefit you
  • Learn to use the spiritual tools like angels cards, numerology or pendulums to expand your abilities

Who should attend:

  • The group is open to all levels, from those who have little understand of spirit and spirit world, through to those who have a lot of knowledge.
  • Willing to be challenged to expand their understanding
  • Able to attend most sessions
  • Has a passion or curiosity to learn, share and grow
  • Want to know more about intuition and the spirit world.


Structure of meeting:

  • Start meeting with open to spirit world
  • Do Reading for each month. Question to ask is: what do I need to know or be aware of for the next 30 days? Have person discuss their card and then others add any feedback. Take photo of card.
  • Explain Topic
  • Discussion on topic
  • Practical activity around topic

Topics discussed include:

  • Developing Visual, Auditory and Feelings based on Stuart Wilde’s work
  • Asking and Manifesting -  based on various sources including Joe Dispenza
  • Love from spiritual world
  • 101 ways to Jump-start your Intuition based on John Holland book & Kyle Gray - Raise your vibration
  • Self and others Compassion
  • Mediumship vs Psychic
  • Self-Worth, worthiness and lower back issues
  • What is Channeling E.g. Ester Hicks and Abraham
  • Soul Plan based on Blue Marsden
  • Joy and happiness.
  • Divine Matrix based on Gregg Bradden and Matrix reimprinting.

When and Where is the Spiritual Development Circle

  • When: Friday Nights  from: 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm
  • Dates*: To be advised
  • Where:  Doncaster, 3108  - Address will be supplied after you register


  • When: Thursday from: 11am to 1pm
  • Dates*: To be advised
  • Where:  To be advised


* Dates are subject to change

Make Enquiry Today to find out more about the Spiritual Development circleAct NOW and sign up as max 10 people can attend each session. For more information email David at: enquiry@theeyesofhorus.com.au