Reveiw and Celebrate the year

Review and Celebrate the Year

What sort of a year has 2015 been for you?

Has it gone quickly or slowly? Has it been as you expected or full of surprises, either beneficial or not? I know as I start to review the year, it has gone quickly for me and has been full of many beneficial surprises. As you approach Christmas and the beginning of the new year, it is a time to reflect and to celebrate on your successes, your learnings and your life.

When I teach my NLP Practitioner 8-day course, I always plan a meal together at the end of the training, because I want those attending to review how they have changed and to celebrate their new positive change in life. I do this because I have found that many people I worked with in the past did not stop and celebrate their achievements. As soon as they completed one task they were immediately onto another.

Here are some reasons why is it important to review and celebrate the year

  • You can review what worked and what didn’t work for you throughout the year. For example, did you enjoy work or was it a challenge. If you enjoyed it, great, continue doing it. If you found it hard, challenging and a struggle, I suggest you decide what you can do to change so that next year is different.
  • By reviewing the year in detail, it means that you can learn how to be organised or how to be free flowing in your life. For example, this year I became a certified NLP Trainer with the ABNLP. I thought that would lead to more NLP training. Instead I have a new business contract with Plenty Training where I run 5-day training sessions helping people achieve a Diploma in Training and Education (TAE). It is not doing the training I expected, but it is still doing training that I love to do.
  • Celebrations help us to feel good. As you think about your successes for the year, you can feel good as you have gratitude for what you have received and what you have provided to others. These feelings give you a motivating headstart to continued success for the next year.

You may be wondering how to do a yearly review. Here is a method I recommend:

  1. Go through your calendar, diary or journal for the year to remind yourself of what you completed, left incomplete, were happy with, or had challenges with.
  2. Write a list of all those items that gave you success, good feelings or you enjoyed doing.
  3. At the bottom of the list from point 2, identify 5 ways you either have celebrated or will celebrate those positive results. This could be going to a nice restaurant, celebrating with a night at the movies, or shouting yourself a gift.
  4. Write another list of all those items from point 1 that were incomplete, unsuccessful, or challenging.
  5. At the bottom of the list from point 4, identify positive 5 learnings that you got from these items? For example, if you had a project that failed to complete, as you reflect on it you may consider what you need to change in order for this project to succeed in future, such as how you feel about it, whether you need to know more and etc.
  6. Pick up the list of positive learnings and reflect on how you can apply them to next year.
  7. Go and celebrate your outstanding successes.

As you prepare for 2016, consider if you need help in creating the successes in your life that you want and deserve. If you did not do this in 2015 it could have been due to many factors. As a coach I help you to identify those factors and make changes in your mindset and behaviours to create success.

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Have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year as you celebrate life for 2015.


David Donahoo

Communications Coach, NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist

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