Release Emotions

Release Emotions

Do you need to Release Emotions

A belief I have is that when a negative pattern occurs in my life, I need to work out what it means and what I need to do about it. Over the last few months a pattern of experiences occurred. It was only on the third experience that I noticed a pattern. With that third situation keeping me awake, I knew I had to identify what it meant and take action to resolve it. The problem I had with these experiences were their impact on my emotions.

A few months ago my smart watch stopped working. I contacted the support area for the watch and they said they would send me a new watch because it was under warranty. That was great, except that it was going to take 6-8 weeks to get the watch. This delay annoyed me and I was frustrated that it would take so long, but I just pushed these emotions aside. My solution was to buy a different smart watch and then to give the new one as a gift to a friend who would appreciate it.

The next situation I experienced was the air conditioner at my clinic broke down. It was not fixed at the start of 2016 and so I have had to work around this inconvenience. I contacted the clinic owners, who were talking with the building owners through a real estate agent. The problem was not being resolved and was causing me issues with how to structure my business and my sessions with my clients to utilise a room that was too hot. Again this was very annoying and frustrating with lot of uncertainty that I had no control of.

The third and most recent experience was with my mobile phone. It would not charge properly and would not connect with the PC. I took it into the phone store to be repaired. Being under warranty I expected it to be fixed quickly. After numerous follow up and checking at the store and with the customer service, the phone had not arrived at the service centre and it had been over 10 business days since I had put it in. This third issue caused me great frustration and I felt really annoyed that it was outside my control and no one could tell me when the phone would be fixed.
This last experience started to kept me awake at night as I realised that the phone must be lost. Due to my annoyance and frustration, which was progressing to anger, I decided I was going to go into phone store the next morning and demand a new phone. When I got up the next morning, my wife mentioned that I seem to have a lot of negative energy following around me and she could feel it and did not like it. So I knew something needed to be identified and resolved.

Getting into a relaxing space I started to question what was happening and what this was all about. After a number of dead ends, I finally got an understand of the issue. It was all around emotions. I had been ignoring them, as I have tendency to do, and they were building up in me. This was causing me to think differently to what I normal do, as I usually do not get emotional or stressed. I was unable to be solution orientated and focus on what I really needed rather than the technology or people.

While being relaxed, I now focused on my emotions and I discovered I was full of annoyance, frustration, anger, upset and bitterness. As I had not acknowledged these emotions to myself and cleared them, they were impacting my ability to function normally. I realised that I needed to accept these emotions as mine and no one else’s. Next, I knew I had to release them and learn what I needed to learn from this pattern.

To fix my issues and emotions, I relaxed more, focused on all the emotions and used a technique I created called Colour Emotional Release. I was able to acknowledged where I felt these emotions in the body and let them go. Then I bought back in calmness and allowed it to flow through me. Once I had cleared all the emotions I checked how I felt about all the situation and felt calm.

With the emotions cleared, I got assistance from another person, as I was unable to do it all myself, and worked out the issue was about control. I thought I needed the phone, the watch and even the air conditioning to do my work. Actually I only needed me and I could work wherever I wanted. Through gaining this understanding and releasing my need to control what I had no control of, I found things began to work out.

I have a phone now that works, my watch works and the air-conditioning is back on.

What I believe is important from these experiences are:

  • Sometime we have a pattern of events occur that may seem random but are connected.
  • Be aware of our emotions, recognising what they are trying to tell us about ourselves rather than those around you
  • If you cannot fix it, get help.

Be aware of what is happening in your life and give yourself time to see if there are patterns that need to be changed.

Have a great day achieving your success.


David Donahoo
Coach and NLP Trainer, and Hypnotherapist
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