Quit Smoking Program

In just one session you can be a non smoker. However if you want it to last it is best to have another 1 to 2 sessions to work on all those habits and emotions that could cause you to go back. Quit smoking with hypnosis is an easy and quick way to become a non smoker.

Quitting Smoking is easier than you think using Hypnotherapy and NLP Our program has been specifically designed to provide maximum benefits and long lasting change. It is so easy, all you do is relax and enjoy the comfort of the hypnotherapy session. It consists of a 90 minute appointment, and a 60 minute follow up, with the option of a third session, at any time, if the desire comes back. Clients stop smoking at the first session as they believe they are now a non-smoker.   The second session deals with emotions and craving and makes it long term to be able to breath easily as a non smoker.  I have found it is this second session that I find stops you from taking it back up when a negative situation, boredom, frustration, or other things arise in your life, as you know from this session how to deal with them.

How much is Smoking costing you?

Our  Non-Smoker program is easy to do and much quicker than other options.  I use payment as a way of gaining commitment.  I want to help you.  But require a commitment from you to attend at least 2 sessions to make sure the program works. Just think about how much Money are you wasting on Cigarettes?  Just 20 smokes per day costs you over $8,000 a year. So anything less than that is a bargain. The quit smoking program consists of 3 sessions and a quit smoking CD.