The Eyes of Horus Programs

Most issues arise due to two problem areas: 1) blockages due to the unconscious programming of behaviours, beliefs, values, attitudes, memories, decisions and experiences or 2) a gap in knowledge, skills, mindset or behaviours.

To overcome the issues, whether it be anxiety, addictions, lacking direction, emotional issues or relationship issues involves resolving the unconscious programming that is not working and create new mental programs and behaviours that provide you with what you want.  In this way you can create your dreams and transform them into your new reality.

Our programs revolve around our Life Transformation coaching, which deal the two problem areas we identified above.  Our aim is to help you to release any blockages and fill in the gaps so you can create long lasting change and transform your dreams of being free of the issues into reality.

The modalities we use to resolve the issues and create your new reality are listed. To find out more, please select the link:

Issues, such as those listed below, are resolved often in just 6 sessions (our 3 months coaching program) which comprises two sessions per month. Depending on the extent of your issues, will depend on whether the sessions are 1 hour or 1.5 hour.  Click on each one to find out more details:

Booking for our Life Transformation Coaching Program

To book in to resolve any of these issues or for general Life Transformation Coaching, we prefer to have a complementary Discovery session with you initially to make sure we can help you and are the right people to help. In the discovery session, which is a mini coaching session, you identify the issues you want to resolve and we put a plan together to help you create your dream of being free of the issues and transform your dreams into reality.   To book the discovery session select the option from the Service Provided list.

Other Issues we deal with using NLP and Hypnotherapy

This is a list of other issues we address and the estimated sessions normally involved:

To book in for these sessions, Select the option from the Service Provided list.

For more information, you can email David at with your name, contact details and the details you are requesting. Or you can call David on 0419 517 716.