Overcome Presentation Anxiety Coaching

Overcome your fear of presenting so you can get up in front of anyone and present with knowledge and confidence. Our 6 session programs helps you overcome your fear as well as learn to present.

So you have a problem presenting? Did you know there are several different situations where you may experience the fear:

  • Just when you find out you are going to get up and present. It could be at a team meeting, a conference, a birthday party, or even a workshop.
  • The day before you are to present
  • A few minutes before getting up and presenting
  • While presenting.

Our Confidence in Presenting program identifies where you have the problem and addresses is so you can speak confidently in front of people.

As an NLP Trainer, David has been trained in understanding how to present. He also understands all those fears you have and how to release them.
Our 6 session program helps you:

  • Release the fear you have
  • Learn to stand up in front of small or large groups of people and confidently present
  • Discover techniques for planning your presentations.
  • Discover how to be excited when you find you are going to present.
  • Understand the 4 mat system for powerfully presenting.


I am committed to helping you solve this issue and become the best speaker you can.

Take Action and Book a Complimentary 60 minute Session to learn how you can be standing up in front of people at the end of your speech feeling fantastic and having everyone clapping.

Alternatively, you can email David at enquiry@theeyesofhorus.com.au with your name and contact details, and call David on 0419 517 716.

The sessions are designed to deal with the issues in the time frame that fits with you. If you have a presentation within 4 weeks we would have the sessions weekly. If on the other hand you are not presenting for 6 months, the sessions would be spread out to fit your circumstance.
Many people are out there enjoying their role as a presenter or trainer. If they can do it so can you.
In the past when I had anxiety, I know what it stopped me from doing many things, until I resolved it with hypnotherapy. So think about what your issue is costing you:

  • What is your fear of presenting stopping you from doing?
  • What would you have the freedom to do without that problem impacting you?
  • What is the cost to you of what you are missing out on now due to this problem? I know for me the anxiety was stopping me going to places where I needed to use the lift and so I was constantly making excuses and losing confidence in myself.