Past Life Regression 2 day Training

If you know how to put a person into hypnosis or trance, and you are interested in Past Life Regression, then this 2 day workshop will give you experience and understanding in Past Life regression. You get to do two past life regressions and to receive two past life regressions.

Are you fascinated with the idea of discovering Past Lives?   Do You know how to put a person into Hypnosis?

Have you read Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss and want to experience it for yourself or to help others make sense of their past lives?

Are you unsure about past lives and how they can impact this life?

Do you want to discover why you are here now; what is your purpose?

Do you know what to do when your client wants to do a past life or when they go into a past life spontaneously?

If you answered YES to any of these, then we have just what you are after: 2 day Past Life Regression Weekend Workshop

You will discover in this workshop the importance of:

  1. Having an open mind to deal with whatever the client experiences.  If a client says:“I am digging in the ground with my claws to hide”. You don’t say that can’t be happening. Instead, explore their experience as if it is real.
  2. Understanding what to do if your client does not seem to go anywhere. Rather than assuming they cannot go into a past life, discover the tricks to get them there.
  3. Completing the past lives puzzle.  Doing past life regressions takes you into many lives and even the spirit world.

It is just like constructing a puzzle with your client.  Learn how to solve the puzzle so it makes sense, so you can help your client get the learnings, connections and purpose of those times.

 During the experiential 2 day workshop you will:

  • Experience your own past lives
  • Build up experience in doing Past Life Regression using Hypnosis
  • Learn how to deal with the difficulties arising during a Past Life Regression
  • Learn how to discover your client's purpose by linking multiple past lives together
  • Learn how to interpret and explain the meaning of the Past Life so your client understands
  • Improve your ability to resolve issues that arise from a Past Life Regression
  • Open up to the unexpected of where Past Life Regression can take you

Course structure includes:

  • Purpose for exploring Past Lives
  • History of Past Life Regression
  • How to be open to whatever the client or you bring through
  • Structure for doing a Past Life Regression
  • Discovering what to do when you have difficulties with a client
  • Therapies you can use under Past Life Regression
  • Complete the puzzle of many lives from past life regression
  • Full Demonstration of a Past Life Regression for someone who has not previously experienced going into another lifetime

As an attendee on the workshop you:

  • Experience both sides: having two Past Lives; giving two past life regressions
  • Have ALL you questions answered so you know what to do with your other clients
  • Receive a copy of the slides to take with you
  • Receive a certificate of attendance, to earn CPE points for your Hypnotherapy association.

This course is open to anyone who:

  • Is a hypnotherapists or
  • Has completed at least 2 terms of Certificate IV in Hypnotherapy or
  • Has learned and is able to put a person into hypnosis, and have basic skills in doing a hypnotic regression.

You should attend if you:

  • Want to explore your own Past Lives
  • Have clients who want to do a Past Life but aren't sure how to do it
  • Have difficulties arising from your Past Life Regression work
  • Just curious about Past Life Regression and want to lean more
  • Expand your income through Past Life Regression

If your intention is to do Past Life Regressions with clients, you cannot afford to miss this event, as room numbers are limited.

So Act NOW and sign up for the workshop. Limited to 12 people maximum.

Course Date: TBA

Conducted by: David Donahoo, Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Psychic Medium, Author, trainer and speaker

To register your interest or to get more information please call David on 0419 517 716 or or email David at: