Past Life Regression

If you want to know more about yourself, your habits, relationships, interests and beliefs and what lives they came from then a Past Life Regression can help you. Just like Catherine, from Brian Weiss's book Many Lives, Many Masters, you can overcome issues and discover a world you did not know about.

There are many reasons why someone would do a past life including:

  1. A problem in their life like a unexplained fear or phobia
  2. Interest or curiosity
  3. Connection to a place or event
  4. Unexplained illness

Whether you believe in past lives or you are unsure does not matter, as your subconscious mind will take you where it wants you to be to discover things that will help you move forward in your life.

I do a lot of past life regressions sessions.  I have experience with doing Past Life Regression to explore:

  1. Other Earthly lives
  2. Alien worlds
  3. Spirit World
  4. Future lifetimes

What makes me different to other Past Life Therapists is my experience and what you get out of the session.

Using NLP with hypnotherapy I aim to help you to gain:

  1. Experience with multiple past lives
  2. Knowledge and understanding of how your lives fit together
  3. Learning of how the lives relates to your current issues or interests in this life
  4. A list of actions you can take to create changes in your life based on your learning from the session

The past life regression is one or two session of 90 minutes.   The first session is designed to get use to hypnosis and take you back through this life into your past lives.  The 2nd session is to either do more exploration of the past lives or address issues that arise in the first sessions. Both sessions are 90 minutes.

I had claustrophobia and anxiety that I released with hypnotherapy.  The cause was from several past lives.  So I know the power of hypnosis and past life regression.  I also know what my phobia and anxiety stopped me from doing.  So I want you to think about why you want to do the past life:

  1. What are you not doing now that you want to? 
  2. What would the freedom be like without the problem, if it was resolved through the past life regression?
  3. What is the cost to you of what you are missing out on?  I know for me it was stopping me going to places where I needed to use the lift and so I was constantly making excuses and losing confidence in myself.