No One Else has Anxiety Like I do!

A business woman I was helping in a therapy coaching session said to me, about her anxiety, “I must be going mad. I shouldn’t feel like this. I am all alone, no one else has these feelings and negative thoughts like I do?” Anxiety can make you feel alone, as if no one else feels like you do. You think other people don’t understand you. It makes you think you are different to everyone else.

When I was suffering from anxiety and panic due to my claustrophobia, I would look around and see other people comfortable with getting into lifts and entering small places and thinking that it must just be something wrong with me.

Since you feel anxiety in the body it makes you focus on you as the problem. It seems like you are alone. Even when you hear about others talking of their experiences with anxiety, you still focus on you and believe that your anxiety is so much more unique than their anxiety. You think nothing can help you and it will be with your forever.

This is one of the many ways anxiety can impact your life, career and relationships. It makes the issues and the problems all about you. You can’t get rid of the anxiety and think you are stuck with it forever. You cannot see how anyone or thing can help you eradicate this from your life and return you to normal. You can’t even explain how you got it in the first place! This feeling of paralysis and confusion stops you from being open to discovering alternatives that would help you let go of the anxiety.

My advice when you are in this mindset, is to make a decision. Decide whether you want to stay this way or whether you want to get assistance and create a more comfortable productive life? From personal experience, I expect your initial answer will be “Of course I want assistance…!” But, really focus on yourself and notice how you feel when you say that out loud. Notice the discomfort you are feeling as you say it, about getting assistance; of opening up to another person; of admitting something is not working and you cannot fix it; recognising that you are overwhelmed and unable to cope; of opening yourself to potential criticism and perhaps confirmation there is something seriously wrong about you. Something to be ashamed of.

To learn to cope better and create more comfort and control, means that you have to take action even though it feels uncomfortable. You need to do what you have not done before, because what you are doing is not working for you. Here are some suggested actions in my professional opinion which are not the normal mainstream suggestions you are given:

  • Call David to book a hypnosis session to learn to relax
  • Take a mindfulness or meditation class to learn to get in touch with yourself and your resources to deal with the anxiety
  • Find a partner and walk for 1 hour every day. Movement enables your body to use up the adrenaline that is produced with anxiety
  • Have a sauna, steam or spa bath and let your body be in a different state.

I remember a story about a person who went to the doctor with chest pains and was immediately sent to the hospital by ambulance, with a suspected heart attack. It ended up not being a heart attack; it was only indigestion. As the paramedic left, they said “If the symptoms occur again call the ambulance immediately. It may be nothing, but if it is, it may just save your life”. In other words, don’t just put up with the anxiety, get help with us.

If you are confused and want someone to talk to, who has been through anxiety, and come out the other side, book in for a complementary discovery session with me to discuss your anxiety and its impact on you, and discover how, at The Eyes of Horus, our guiding light can transform your dreams of being free of the anxiety into reality. To book visit:, scroll to the bottom of the home page for the booking calendar.


David Donahoo

Coach and NLP Trainer, and Hypnotherapist

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