Become a Qualified NLP Coach with our NLP Practitioner Training

Imagine helping other people to succeed in life as they follow your guidance and coaching in an area that you know!  Did you know we are all experts?  Even you!  

After doing our training, you could be doing what you enjoy; helping others, either part time or full time as you coach earning an income in the process.

But many people I talk to think “I couldn’t do that.” And maybe what you are saying at the moment is true only for now.

But what if you knew how to coach and help others to be successful?  Our training helps you to be qualified as a coach, be registered with the Australian Board of NLP, and get insurance, to enable you to successfully help others.

Find out more about becoming a qualified success and NLP coach with our NLP Practitioner training by filling out the form here (link to form below)

NLP is a framework of the mind. NLP provides a model of communication and change at the unconscious and conscious levels of the mind using a set of powerful tools and techniques, which are easy to understand and learn.  They help you understand your mind; how you think and therefore how others think differently or similarly to you.

Using NLP in coaching means that you work with the person’s unconscious and conscious minds to release the limitations to success and create new understand, learns, mindset and behaviours to be successful in their lives.

BONUS: For everyone who signs up for the NLP Practitioner course, you get a complementary 60 minute Coaching Strategy session to help you prepare and gain the most from the course.  

Want to become an NLP Practitioner?

Our next Training will be held in Mitcham, Victoria, on the 4 weekends in February 2018: 2-3, 9-10, 16-17 and 23-24 February 2018.  Sorry due to problem with location the training has been postponed.

To Find out more or to attend the NLP Practitioner training:

  1. Select the NLP Interest Button and David will contact you with the details, or
  2. Book a Complimentary 60 Minute discovery session to meet with David over the phone or in his clinic in Mitcham to learn more about the course and to have an experience of NLP.
Interested in learning NLP?

From our NLP Practitioner Training you discover and learn about:

  1. Understanding of structure of the mind
  2. Tools for creating fast and long lasting change
  3. The art of Hypnosis and why everyone has experienced trance already
  4. Releasing blockages in your core beliefs to achieving your desires and dreams
  5. Understanding and applying rapport building with others by discovering the 4 styles of communication
  6. Restructure your language so that you can understand others and have them understand you.
  7. Becoming a Master of success, learning patterns of coaching for yourself and others by using the power of the unconscious mind
  8. Modelling Success Strategies so that you can model any successful behaviour and install it into your neurology.
  9. Removing Negative Emotions including sadness, anger, blame, guilt and fear that cause failure patterns in your career and relationships
  10. Shifting your Emotional State in an instant with a powerful insight that you will use for the rest of your life with the snap of your fingers
  11. Removing any phobia or fear within minutes (yes that's literal!)
  12. Changing Your Life Story to regain your control of life and your results
  13. Designing Your Destiny using all the NLP tools for success
  14. Setting up your coaching practice

Who is this course for...

  1. Anyone wanting to help others achieve success
  2. Speakers
  3. Teachers
  4. Trainers
  5. Leaders, CEO's, MD's and Managers
  6. Empowered Parents
  7. Network Marketers


What did others say about this Training?

It is a really good and you really need to come and do it. Sara 2015

NLP helps me understand the model of the world for other people. By attaining this knowledge, I am able to effectively communicate, build rapport and get desired outcomes. Claire 2015

I have learnt so much about myself and others, why I react specifically to certain situations and now I can change that if I want to.  Cyrille 2013

The course was excellent. I learnt a lot and I let go of a lot of baggage. It has given me some excellent tools to use in my practice to assist clients to make change easily.  Roberta 2013

Internationally Recognized Accreditation All our courses are nationally accredited and internationally recognized to ensure that should the Government and local bodies change their policy about we're safe, because of our accreditation through the Australian Board of NLP. You will receive the following Certificates: -

  1. NLP Practitioner Certificate Level I
  2. Ericksonian Hypnotherapist Certificate Level I
  3. NLP Coaching Certificate Level I

Who is your Trainer? David is an NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner.  David has been using NLP Since 2005, building a successful business helping and coaching others to successfully overcome their fears, phobias and anxiety, and to move towards what they want in life, business, wealth and relationships. David is qualified with a Diploma of Vocational Education & Training, Diploma of Training Design & Development and Certificate IV in Training and Education which he has used to train students in Hypnotherapists and NLP. Throughout the NLP training, David aims to help you gain success by understand the power of NLP and  focusing on understanding and learning the NLP model of communication and change, using techniques which apply to many areas of your lives, including career, relationships, personal, finances and spiritual development,. You can use it in any endeavour that your life takes you.