Expand your Coaching Success as an NLP Master Coach with our NLP

If you've ever wondered why someone can be so confident, professional, and comfortable in many situations, it’s probably because they are a master.

Our next level training is for anyone serious about mastering themselves, their life, or becoming a brilliant Coach, Manager, Leader or Therapist.

In Practitioner training you worked with others, while in Masters you will learn to do processes on yourself. Imagine changing a belief while waiting for the stop light to change?

Whether you are failing or succeeding in your life or your career is controlled by what you value.  However, this may be hidden from you. During this training we elicit your driving values, discover which need to change, and make those changes (sometimes dramatic) to create a whole new powerful direction.

By the time you complete this 9 day training you'll have learned to install a powerful mindset into your own neurology enabling you to continue your journey to be the best you can be..

Find out more about becoming a qualified success and NLP Master Coach with our NLP Master Practitioner training contact David call 0419 517 716, or email David at: enquiry@theeyesofhorus.com.au

As a qualified NLP Practitioner, you can evolve your NLP understand, skills and techniques by becoming an NLP Master Practitioner.

As you learn on the coaching course, there is a cost in everything you do. You pay either before or after.  We make it easy for you to pay while you get qualified and are gaining an income doing what you like; helping others succeed.

From our NLP Master Practitioner Training you discover and learn about:

  1. Overcome Objections in Seconds with just the word and language you use
  2. Understand yourself and others better through their Meta Programs – The basis of your Mind
  3. The Importance of Values and value levels in directing our thinking and behaviour
  4. Uncover 8 Levels of Human Consciousness and Social Behavior Patterns
  5. Master the Art of Asking Powerful Questions to Gain Results
  6. Expand The Art of Hypnosis
  7. Stop Poor Behavior in a Sentence
  8. Rocket Your Life and Career to the Next Level

 Who is this course for...

  1. Those with an NLP Practitioner 8-day certificate
  2. Those who want to master their coaching and take it to a new level

 Internationally Recognized Accreditation

All our courses are nationally accredited and internationally recognized to ensure that should the Government and local bodies change their policy about we're safe, because of our accreditation through the Australian Board of NLP. You will receive the following Certificates: -

  1. NLP Master Practitioner Certificate
  2. Ericksonian Master Hypnotherapist Certificate
  3. NLP Master Coaching Certificate

Who is your Trainer?

David is an NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner.  David has been using NLP Since 2005, building a successful business helping and coaching others to successfully overcome their fears, phobias and anxiety, and to move towards what they want in life, business, wealth and relationships.

David is qualified with a Diploma of Vocational Education & Training, Diploma of Training Design & Development and Certificate IV in Training and Education which he has used to train students in Hypnotherapists and NLP.

Throughout the NLP training, David aims to help you gain success by understand the power of NLP and focusing on understanding and learning the NLP model of communication and change, using techniques which apply to many areas of your lives, including career, relationships, personal, finances and spiritual development, you can use it in any endeavour that your life takes you.