Measuring Success

Now days nearly everyone has a mobile phone. Imagine holding it in your hand. You can see the shape, size, weight and colour of the phone. In other words you can measure it.  Recently the new iphones were released, there are two different sizes. You can identify which phone you have from its measurements.
If you want to know that you have success in your life, business, relationships, wealth or heath, you need to be able to measure it.

On my trip to Ireland and England recently I knew I was in Ireland when I had picked up my rental car and was in the front seat ready to drive from Dublin to Kilkenny.  This was a specific measurement that told me I had arrived in Ireland for my holiday.

When you think about success, what you need to be aware of what is how you will measure it so you know when you have achieved it.  However, the problem many people have with success is that it is unknown and undefinable, which means it cannot be measured.  They do not know whether they have either achieved success or not achieved success which means they cannot celebrate their success.

When you cannot measure success, it can result in you feeling like success is too hard and you lose interest and motivation and as a consequence you stopped trying to get your success.

The alternative, is to define your success in such a way that you can begin to measure it. Then, as you focus on measuring success, you can simply answer yes or no on to the question of whether you have achieved it or are still in the process of creating the success.

To measure success I suggest you do the following:

  • Identify the areas you want the success: your life, health, wealth, relationships, career or personal development
  • Create a picture in your mind as if you are holding something like the mobile phone.
  • Determine the measures that will identify when you have achieved success in the specific area you are looking at
  • Begin to measure where you are
  • When you have achieved the success, celebrate.

As you think about what you want to have success in, imagine holding it in your hand and you are on your way to having success.

If you need help with defining or measuring Success I can help to coaching you.  At The Eyes of Horus, we have 3 or 6 months group and individual programs available.  To find out more or to book in for a free 30 minute success coaching introduction session, please visit or email David at:

Have a great day achieving your success.


David Donahoo

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