Gaining Mastery over Your Anxiety

Do your fears, anxieties and unreal expectations get in the way of you doing what you want at home, at work, socially or even in when getting up in front of people?

Do you shut down and lose all connection with what you are about to do and say?

Does your lack of confidence or belief in yourself, make you feel like running away?

Have you given up on getting rid of your anxiety because you don’t know how to?


  1. Having inner peace as you are dreaming of speaking with inspiration
  2. Doubling your energy so you can be excited, jump up and speak out
  3. Believing in yourself so your audience will believe in you
  4. Expanding your confidence as you connect lovingly with your audience
  5. Learning more about yourself and how to take charge of your talk


What if you could discover how to overcome your fears, nervousness or anxiety?

Imagine Jumping Up Excitedly enjoying what you are doing without it scaring you?

I learned to cope with Anxiety and claustrophobia but it still frustrated me. So I searched and discovered how to Gain Mastery and Overcome my anxiety.  

If you are looking to just cope with your anxiety, I ask you to consider why stop there?  Why not overcome your anxiety, like I did. This is what my 6 to 12 session programs do.  They leads you from having anxiety to be free of it and being able to deal with the discomfort of events, situations, people or life.

Our Mastery Over Anxiety Programs assist you to:

  1. Be free of your anxiety by find and release the hidden and unknown causes of your anxiety
  2. Understand and learn how to deal with the triggers of the anxiety so you no longer trigger the anxiety that you have done in the past
  3. Help you feel more settled and in control where in the past your were wanting to run away

This 6 to 12 session program is tailored to your specific type of anxiety, fear or nervousness.

I work with those who are committed to working through their anxiety so they can release it for good without drugs using just your mind and spirit.

As I only let those who I know are highly committed to do my programs, you need to first have a

Complimentary Be Excited Discovery Session with me 

to explore how your type of anxiety can be overcome by the program, to experience changes in the discovery session that will continue to occur during the program, and to create a plan for you to be free of your anxiety for good. 

The Complimentary session is 60 minutes over the phone and at after it you get a summary of the session so you can decide if the program is suitable for you.

Book your Discovery Session Now

In the Discovery session, together we begin to explore your anxiety and create a strategy for overcoming your it. The discovery session helps you :

  • Determine where you are with your anxiety and where you want to be instead
  • Explore the purposes to release the anxiety
  • Explain our program for releasing the anxiety and becoming excited to do what you didn’t think was possible.
  • Identify what you need to do to invest in your future of being anxiety free
  • Experience a coaching session with David, including a visualization to help you start to cope with the anxiety and begin to relax in a safe place you create in your mind

My 6 session program is based on years of experience is overcoming my own anxiety and panic attacks, as well as helping clients do the same.

Who is this Program suited to those who suffer from anxiety:

  • Before or during a performance, presentation or talk to an audience
  • In social situations, where you struggle with other people being around. It could be when you are in a crowd, just with friends, or any social engagement
  • With panic attacks that you cannot stop
  • All the time and don’t seem to be able to stop it.

I only release limited 1-1 complimentary sessions per month and they booked up fast. To apply to see if you qualify for a one of my Be Excited Discovery session, then click the button below and complete the details on the next page.

I'll contact you within 1-3 business days to advise whether you were successful. For those who are successful, I will schedule your phone session for your Be Excited Discovery session, at that time.

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