Live without Anxiety

Live without Anxiety

Do I have to live with Anxiety for the rest of My Working Life?

You are at work, feeling anxious for no apparent reason. You have learned how to cope with these feelings and thoughts of anxiety, and are managing to complete your current tasks. However, you wonder if this is all that you can achieve. You have a dream of always living a calm and comfortable life with no anxiety, but it seems like it will never be achieved. It seems like you will only ever cope with the anxiety.

Having worked on my own anxiety and that of many clients, I can tell you that you can have that dream, but the idea of always being calm and comfortable can be difficult to achieve. Imagine if you needed to go to the doctors to get a blood test. Would the needle feel calm and comforting? I would suggest that it will usually sting a bit and you will feel some relief when it is completed.

Not everything that occurs in our lives can be comfortable. When you learn a new habit or behaviour, often there is a level of discomfort as you transition the new behaviour from your conscious to your unconscious mind. So, your dream of always living a calm and comfortable life all the time need to be changed.

The other part of your dream was to have no anxiety. I say to people, who I coach through their anxiety, if there was a snake moving across the floor in front of you, it would be normal to feel anxious; this keeps you alert. However, once the snake was gone, the anxiety should go away as well. This is a normal reaction for the body in time of perceived danger.

Rather than having no anxiety and always feeling calm, a better way of stating your dream would be: I am living a life, free of all chronic anxiety, able to deal with the many issues and events that occur, in a calming way.

How do you create this new dream? You need to create changes in your unconscious mind. You need to discover your triggers for anxiety, even when you do not consciously know the cause. Once you know the triggers, you can learn new habits for dealing with these triggers in a more calming and beneficial way. I would suggest getting help from a person who uses NLP or hypnosis for this, as they understand the unconscious mind. As you use these new habits that you learn, through hypnosis you will move them into the unconscious mind and make them automatic. This will cause them to replace the old ineffective behaviour you had around anxiety.

When I experienced claustrophobia when entering into lifts, I knew that I wanted to live my life without the chronic anxiety that I had suffered when feeling trapped in the lift. Using hypnosis, I released the cause and then getting in touch with my curiosity, I changed the triggers and was able to create new normal habits for being in a lift.

From this experience I learned that to coach those with anxiety, such as professionals experiencing anxiety at work, they need to:

  1. Develop coping strategies around the anxiety;
  2. Find the causes of the anxiety and release them;
  3. Get help to create and learn new thoughts, feelings, and behaviours around those old triggers, so you are not even thinking about the anxiety and not looking to see where it has gone.

With the new habits, you can live your life like a person who has never had anxiety. To achieve this dream requires the time and effort to build your new habits and mindset. This can take between 3 to 6 months depending on the level and variety of anxieties that you have.

In summary, you can learn to cope with anxiety. But you do not have to stop there. You can achieve your dream of living a life, free of all chronic anxiety, and being able to deal with the many issues and events that occur in a calming way.

If you want to release your chronic anxiety, please book a complementary discovery session by visiting: Scroll to the bottom of the home page for the booking calendar. In the discovery session with David, we will explore your anxiety and identify how to transform your dream of being free of chronic anxiety into reality.

Have a great day achieving your success.
David Donahoo
Coach, NLP Trainer, and Hypnotherapist

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