Importance of Gratitude

Importance of Gratitude

Importance of Gratitude

The idea of reviewing what you have gratitude for is one I have known about many years. Most nights when I lay down in bed I review what I am gracious for from all that has occurred throughout the day. Over time I have learned to make this activity easier for myself because sometimes it can be difficult to find even 5 things that I can be truly grateful for over one day.

Gratitude is about being thankful for what you have received throughout the day, as if it were a gift that you had received. By giving thanks it means that you are aware of what you have received that is helping you in your life and you acknowledge the person or the place that provided the gift to you.

When I was taught about gratitude I was advised to keep a journal of all that came to mind. This meant that I could review it over time and build up a list of positive gifts. Creating a gratitude journal is a lifelong activity. It requires structure, control and a positive attitude to find the gifts even when the day appears to be one of the worst that you have had.

An early piece of research on gratitude journals by Emmons & McCullough found that “counting one’s blessings” in a journal led to improved psychological and physical functioning. Those involved who updated their journal weekly of a list of five things for which they were grateful, were found to be more optimistic towards the next week and their life as a whole. Others who kept updating their gratitude journals daily increased their overall gratitude, which had positive affects like increased enthusiasm, determination, and alertness. This group was more likely to assist others and were much more diligent in working towards their personal goals as compared to the group who did not create gratitude journals.

From my experience I have found the benefits of having gratitude daily are:
• Creating a positive focus in my life
• Improving interaction with others
• Helping to bring out greater positivity in others.

When I have taught the gratitude journal activity to others, the feedback I would get is “an interesting exercise but do I have to do it every day?” What I found was that they would start it, get distracted and then forget.

To overcome this, I have suggested they download an app for their phone that reminds you of the activity at night. The reason why I suggest you do it at night is that it can help with your sleep and waking up to a bright new day. In some cases, I have known people to review and repeat the gratitude in the morning to help them create a more positive day.

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Have a great day achieving your successes!


David Donahoo
Communications Coach, NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist

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