Importance of Focus

Importance of Focus

To enhance your ability for success in your life you need to have Focus.  What is focus? When you were young you were probably taught the saying when crossing the road to “look to the left, then look to the right and look to the left again.”  Do you know why you needed to learn this?  It was because research has shown that children have very limited peripheral vision which does not fully develop until the late teens.  This meant that you were only aware of what was in front of you and not what was around you.  As a child, you did not see the car coming in your peripheral vision, which meant if you walked onto the road you could have died.

As adults we use peripheral vision without even knowing and thinking about it.  It helps to keep us safe.  However, the down side of peripheral vision is that is can distract us.  In Secondary school, how often did you sit in class feeling a bit bored finding yourself seeing what others were doing with your peripheral vision and then when you looked around, you were told to face the front of class and focus?

Children can have a lot of success in their life when they are not distracted.  This is the same for adults who are focused.  I watched a film recently about Alan Turing, who during the Second World War was able to decrypt an encryption machine used by the Germans for coding their messages.  In the film he and others were required to break the German encryption code.  He had a fixed determination to solve the problem by creating a machine, which was later know as a Turing machine.  He knew this machine would solve the enigma problem, as it was known.  Alan was a very gifted mathematician, who had very poor social skills. He was able to focus on the problem which resulted in his success in breaking the German code.

Focus requires you to have some organizational skills and discipline, which you can develop, to become single minded.  This means having a single focused mindset, focusing on what you want rather than what you do not want. As you focus on what you want you are able to organize your internal thoughts and external behaviors to be successful.

As a Hypnotherapist and NLP trainer I know the importance of focus.  To have a person go into trance, they need to focus on what I say.  As part of the technique I use to help a person go into trance I say “focus only on my voice, and all other noises direct you back to my voice, as you only focus on my voice”.  It is this focus that the client has that enables them to go into a hypnotic trance easily.  By going into trance clients can then make changes to their mindset so they can create the success they want to achieve.

So with the right focus, you can create your success.

If you want to be able to learn to easily and quickly get your focus working and create success, then you may want to consider learning NLP, as it is one of the major areas that we teach in the NLP Practitioner 8 day workshop. To find out more visit: NLP Practitioner Training

Alternatively, if you need help with identifying what you really want, how to have focus or even modelling other successful people, I can help you with our Success Coaching program.  At The Eyes of Horus, we have 3 or 6 months group and individual programs available.  To find out more or to book in for a free 45 minute success coaching introduction session, please email David at:, or visit: NLP Success Coaching

Have a great day achieving your success.


David Donahoo

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