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Importance of Day Dreaming

You are sitting at your desk, frustrated, annoyed, angry or sad about what you are going through.  You want to imagine a different life, but all you can do is focus on your life, career, health or wealth that is not working for you.

The first step to creating change in your life is to be able to dream about what you want. When you can daydream about the life you want and feel it in your body as if it is happening now, then change will occur.

Many people who are stuck in one or more areas of their life often find it hard to daydream about what they want.  This may be due to now knowing what they want or it not being clear.  Daydreaming is like visualising. You can visualise whatever you want, as long as you are clear on it.    So how do you get clarity on your dreams so you can transform your dreams into reality?

Dream List Exercise

To create your dreams, do the following exercise.

On a piece of paper, write down 100 items that you want to either be, do or have. Assume no limitations in time, money, talent or experience.  This may take a time so do not rush it.  The aim is to get to 100.  Even if you only have 27, then keep going until you have 100.

Once you have the 100 dream items, allocate to each dream the letters A, B or C: where A is for dreams you really want. B is a dream you would like, and C is a dream you don’t care whether you have it or not.

Next, for each dream item, identify when that dream could occur: within 1 year, within 2 years, within 5 years or greater than 5 years.

Sort the list so all those that can occur within 1 year are at the top, followed by 2 years, within 5 years and greater than 5 years are at the bottom.  The in each year group, sort into A, B and C

Pick the top 5 from that list. These are the ones you start to transform into reality by visualising them as if they are happening now.

As your dreams are created, you then go onto others in the list.

Have a good week

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