Hypnotherapy and NLP Programs

The mind is very powerful and not logical.  The conscious mind can focus on one thing at a time, but the unconscious focuses on everything else.

When you do anxiety, have a cigarette, gamble or other issues that may be impacting your life, it is the unconscious mind that is creating the thoughts, remembering the emotions and doing the behaviors.

To create new thoughts, feelings and behaviors needs to be done at the unconscious level.  Hypnotherapy is about creating changes at that unconscious level easily, quickly and safely.  NLP is about using process and techniques that link with the hypnosis or trance state to find the issues, even when you don't know the cause, and help you to create the new thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

In the Hypnotherapy and NLP session, we will explore the issues in detail, identify what you want instead and go on a journey to find the desired outcomes.

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