As a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, therapist or coach are you helping your clients to
Overcome their problem with Anxiety rather than just learn to cope with it?

How much would it benefit you to have a proven program to assist you helping your clients gain mastery over their anxiety so they deal with their anxiety symptoms before they get out of control?

Overcome anxiety - 2 day workshop - for therapists and coaches who use hypnosis.

This 2 days workshop will help you:

  1. Learn how to gain success with clients overcoming their anxiety that had been impacting their lives
  2. Install a positive and powerful mindset in you so you know you can overcome anxiety
  3. Gain confident with how you will help your clients in the 6-8 sessions even if they say the anxiety has returned
  4. Discover how to get potential clients to sign up and be committed to do your anxiety program and complete it
  5. Know how to analyse information from your client's completed pre-work forms that will make your sessions easily and simpler
  6. Have a clear direction of how you will approach and conduct each session

The workshop assumes you already know how to put a client into hypnosis.


What you will get at the workshop:

  1. All documents, checklists and forms used for the discovery session and the 6-8 sessions
  2. The framework on what to cover in each session
  3. Script suggestions for doing regression and finding the triggers or causes
  4. Scripts for reframing the initial limiting decision of the client into an empowering decision
  5. An activity sheet to practice with on the weekend so you can use them with your clients
  6. Access to the recordings of David's 8 weeks online Mastery Over Anxiety program (which is similar to the sessions)
  7. List of books and the author's to read to expand your knowledge on overcoming anxiety
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