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How is your child learning about emotions?

Sitting at a café in Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills on a recent holiday, I noticed an event I had never seen before. A mother was sitting at a table with the young girl of about 3 years old and was explaining to her the different feelings that the girl was expressing. Another mother with a young boy of about 2 years old was at the table. The young boy was not taking much notice of the girl and just played with some toys. He was not learning about emotions.

I thought how wonderful this was that a child was learning about giving names to the feelings that her mother was intuitively observing with her daughter. This would help the little girl be able to articulate herself better with her feelings, especially as she grows up.

For those who know me, in the past, I never came across as an emotionally intelligent or sensitive person. However, after doing a course called ‘EFT and Matrix Reimprinting’, I released blocks from my past that have enabled me to become better at expressing my feelings. I have been learning about emotions with myself just as the mother was doing with her daughter.

You can learn about emotional intelligence from books, videos, phone apps and courses. I find the best way is to learn from someone who has developed emotional intelligence. If you want to learn yourself or to help your children, think about who you know that you would say have good emotional intelligence. That is, they know about emotions, how to express them appropriately or release them from the body and can help identify what the emotional cause or trigger was. In getting help from another person means you are being coached, just like the mother did with her daughter.

Action for This Week
I have a challenge for you today. Write down all the emotions you are aware of, that you have felt over the last 12 months. Next get your children to do the same. Who has the better vocabulary and emotional intelligence?

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Have a good week

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