How and Why to Journal

How and Why to Journal

My wife has been Journaling for years. I asked her recently why she did it. Her response was that it helped her get her feelings and thoughts out of her head to get better clarity, so she could work out how to solve a problem she was experiencing.

Over the period of writing my book I have got in touch with my feelings.  For those who know me, thaa significant change.  I am now more aware of how I feel and recognise how others are feeling. The writing I have done has helped me get back in touch with myself and who I really am.  I wrote a book for others to read. My wife writes for herself. These are just different ways of journaling.

To start journaling, Katie Dalebout author of ‘Let it out, a journey through Journaling’, suggests you have a question that you may be struggling with and are looking for an answer. Assuming you have the answer inside you, start to write whatever comes to mind so you can get clarity and answers.

What question do you want answers to that you are not yet getting?

Action for This Week

Pick up an A4 piece of paper. Write on the top of the page, a question you want answers to, that you are not yet getting?
Then just start to write whatever comes to mind.  This is for you only so be as open and truthful as you can be.

See what you discover.

Have a good week

David Donahoo

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