Helping you Overcome Anxiety - Personal Programs, Online information and Presentations

  • "You can learn to overcome your anxiety and be calm". David Donahoo

Stress at work, in relationships, finances, health and life in general often has an underlying anxiety that is causing you to not cope.
Our aim is to provide information and support to all Australians who are impacted by anxiety to overcome their anxiety and achieve their best possible mental health.
We go beyond just managing anxiety to Overcoming Your Anxiety, so you stop holding yourself back and start doing what you want to do.
Help us spread the message that Anxiety can be overcome.

Whether you are suffering from anxious or stress symptoms in your work, career, as a business owner, in social situations, when getting up and doing a talk, or just overall in life, our proven programs based on the experience of overcoming anxiety, enables you to overcome your anxiety and fears and learn to create the life you want to live.

We treat all types of fears, phobias, anxiety and panic.

We support our clients by working through the anxiety they are be facing, with our anxiety coach assisting you in gaining clarity around stress and anxiety symptoms, learning about managing anxiety and then gaining mastery as you overcome your anxiety, improving your mental, emotional and psychological well-being.

We can work with you over the phone, at your place, at our clinic room or through online anxiety releasing training sessions.

We support and work with those who:

  1. Suffer from anxiety, that is impacting them on a regular basis
  2. Are helping people with anxiety, including therapists and coaches
  3. Know friends, family or colleagues who have anxiety and don't know what to do to help them.

Learn how to Overcome your Anxiety - book a Complimentary 1 hr Discovery Session designed to:

  • Identify your problems clearly and concisely
  • Explore your anxiety and created a plan to gain mastery over it
  • Identify the type of coaching that will help you achieve your goals
  • Start to explore the real causes of your problems
  • Have an experience of how we can help you confidently move forward
  • There is NO OBLIGATION to continue with us after the 1-hour session
Learn about your anxiety Now

Potential clients often ask, "Why choose David rather than other Coaches / Hypnotherapist / NLP Practitioners?"

  1. I know how devastating anxiety can be, having experienced anxiety, panic, claustrophobia and other fears for years before I discovered how to overcome the anxiety over about 10 years.
  2. I was fearful that others would find out about my anxiety. 
  3. I sought out and kept searching until I overcame my anxiety, because I would not put up with just coping with anxiety.
  4. Have lead other clients on their journey of discovery, through all their doubts, fears and challenges that can get in the way of overcoming anxiety.
  5. Can help you overcome your anxiety in 6 -12 sessions, rather than taking the 10 years it took me.
  6. I have been told that I come up with answers in a way that is not logical.  Using the NLP Digital representational system with my visualization skills, helps me to discover the causes of your anxiety from the unconscious mind and resolve it.
  7. Having learned to overcome anxiety, I know that it has two parts: overcome the anxiety; learn to live with freedom. This is what you are taught to do with our programs.

Benefits of our programs include:

  1. Experiencing a small sample of what is possible for you before committing to a full program with our complimentary discovery session. This increases the certainty you have with achieving your outcomes.  There is no obligation to continue with a program.
  2. Taking back your control of your life as our program leads you to better understand all areas of yourself.
  3. Being involved in your solutions to your problems because it is you who solves them as you follow our lead to find the root causes and release their impact on you.
  4. Reducing your stress so you can be healthier in your mind and body as you gain new insights and apply new thought patterns and behaviours.
  5. Providing help and assistance when you need it because we offer a variety of ways to fit your needs by doing phone sessions, home visits, work visits, and sessions at out clinic.

Our Programs are tailor to help different types of anxiety:

  1. Professionals where your anxiety is impacting your career, decision, promotions, teem meetings, staff and management of tasks daily, weekly or monthly.
  2. Being at home where anxiety is stopping you from having a happy life, impacting your family and community relationships, causing your stay away from people or socialising.
  3. Anyone who has to present to a group of people, whether this is in a formal work environment, sales, conferences, or your role as a teacher, financial person, or in a personal areas such as a wedding, engagement or 21st.
  4. Students who are suffering from anxiety around exams, assignments or giving presentations of their work.
  5. Trades people who suffer from fears of heights, claustrophobia or anxiety that impacts their work.