The Eyes of Horus assists you to develop your Mind and Spirit to Release Anxiety, learn about your connection with energy and the spirit world, to Transform Your Dreams into Reality .

Do you suffer from symptoms like: poor sleep, exhaustion at work, feeling sad, crying or out of control? Are you tired of pretending to be happy, not wanting to be in front of people or around crowds?  These can be signs that your dreams are blocked and your mind is telling you to release the anxiety you experience, or make other mental, emotional or behavioral changes in your life.

Our Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP programs, and workshops help you

  1. Develop your mind to create positive changes in your life,
  2. Learn about energy, intuition and the spirit world to enhance your spiritual nature.

This helps you gain clarity of your problems, release blockages and anxiety, gain insights, develop your intuition and knowingness, and encourages you to take action using our strategies, tools and techniques to transform your dreams into reality.

Coaching - Anxiety, Life or Spiritual

NLP assumes you have access to all the resources you need to solve your problems.  However, you are not accessing these resources when you still have the issue.  Our Coaching can help you release the past issues and anxieties, and move you toward your future desires, aspirations and goals.

Our Anxiety Coaching will guide you beyond just coping with any anxiety. It will help you to overcome it for good within 3-6 months.  Our specialization is in presenting anxiety, general anxiety, phobias, social anxiety and panic attacks.

Our Life Coaching helps you to gain clarity in your life and your direction so you can make the changes needed to transform the life you dream of into your new reality.

Our Spiritual Coaching programs will help you to discover more about energy, your intuition and the spirit world. It helps you develop your abilities, skills and understanding of the spirit world and energy for healing, teaching, overcoming sensitivity and other issues, or just for interest.


Our Hypnotherapy help you release issues that require 1-2 sessions.  This includes:

  • Past Life regression - provides understanding of your past lives in 1 session.
  • Quit Smoking is 2 sessions.
  • Phobias is 2 sessions

Making a booking with David Donahoo

For the hypnotherapy issues or urgent inquiries, Call David on 0419 517 716, and if I am unable to get to your call, please leave a message and I will get back to you within 2 hours.

Unsure what you need? Book a Complimentary Be Excited Discovery session with David. Together, we explore what is holding you back, what you want instead and create a plan to help you achieve your potential. And you experience David's coaching with a short, safe and calming hypnotic guided visualization.