Struggling with your anxiety, fears, phobias, panic?

Fearful and worried that something is wrong with you?

Finally, you can overcome your anxiety for good and never fear it again.

Learn to live your dreams, by getting help from someone who has gone through their own journey with anxiety. A person who knows for certain, you can overcome anxiety using your mind and spirit?  

David's Story of overcoming anxiety and claustrophobia

The Eyes of Horus - PyramidsLooking up at the darkened door way, feeling the despair deep inside welling up, trying to hold back the tears. Fearful to move to the doorway. Regretfully, my claustrophobia has won out. My life long journey to walk inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt, was disappearing before my eyes. Shattered I sat out side. I knew at that moment I had to deal with my anxiety of claustrophobia, and get rid of it for good.   

Click David Story to find out what David did to overcome his anxiety…

Benefits of our Programs, you get to:

  1. Experience a small sample of what is possible for you before committing to a full program with our complimentary discovery session. This increases the certainty you have with achieving your outcomes.
  2. Take back your control of your life as the program leads you to better understanding of yourself.
  3. Be involved in your solutions to your problems because it is you who solves them as you follow our lead to find the root causes and release their impact on you.
  4. Reduce your stress and be healthier in your mind and body as you gain new insights and apply new thought patterns and behaviours.
  5. Have help and assistance when you need it because we offer phone sessions as well as sessions at out clinic.

Who are our Programs tailor to help?

  1. Professional with Anxiety that impacts your ability to complete your daily, weekly and monthly tasks or stops you from taking on tasks.
  2. Those looking for promotion but your anxiety is stopping you from stepping up to the role.
  3. Anyone who has to present to a group of people, but their anxiety and nervousness impact them. This includes: team leaders, managers, senior managers, teachers, financial advisers, and more.
  4. Students who are suffering from anxiety around exams, assignments or giving presentations of their work.
  5. Trades people who suffer from fears of heights, claustrophobia or anxiety that impacts their work.

Potential clients often ask, "Why choose David rather than other Coaches / Hypnotherapist / NLP Practitioners?"

  1. I know how devastating anxiety can be, having experienced it for more than 10 years.
  2. I was fearful that others would find out about my anxiety. 
  3. Discovered how to overcome my anxiety rather than just cope with it
  4. Have lead other clients on their journey of discovery, through all their doubts, fears and challenges that can get in the way of overcoming anxiety.
  5. Can help you overcome your anxiety in 6 -12 sessions, rather than taking the 10 years it took me.
  6. I follow what Sherlock Holmes states: "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” 
  7. As a Platform psychic medium, I work with solutions that seem highly improbable. I am aware of and able to trust what is not logical or normal, as the unconscious mind is not logical or normal.  

To get help with your anxiety, life, intuition or psychic abilities

Are you committed to overcoming your anxiety?  Are you wanting to understand your intuition or psychic abilities? I only work with committed people who want to create positive change.

Before I work with you I want to meet over the phone or at my clinic room, to make sure that you and I can work together to achieve your outcomes.

The first step is to have a Complimentary 60 minutes Discovery session with David. In the session, together we explore:

  1. What is holding you back from creating the life you want,
  2. What you want and
  3. The creation of a plan to help you achieve your outcomes.
  4. How David will work with you to easily and quickly create positive changes in your life.

The sessions is an experiential session where David uses his many mind and spirit tools and abilities.  You will only continue with paid programs, after the discovery session, if we both agree.

To book, select if you want to have the session in person at the clinic or via the phone.  Then follow the instructions to request a session.  Once I get the request I will confirm it with you.