How to help another person with anxiety

Who do you know who has anxiety? If you’ve never had anxiety, but know others who do, do you know how to help them? Since I have had anxiety and also work with those with anxiety, I have discovered the number way that you can use to assist someone who has anxiety.

Why would it be helpful if you know what to do to assist another person with anxiety? The reason is that when experiencing anxiety, it is very difficult to think sensibly and logically.  Instead, you feel confused and unable to function fully.  Having someone else who can help, can make an enormous difference.

Please click the image above to view this video, so you can learn a simple and powerful way to approach another person who has anxiety.


What to do next?

If you need help with your anxiety, book in for a complimentary 60-minute discovery session to create a plan to overcome your anxiety and associated symptoms.  No obligation to continue after the discovery session. Book NOW at, and then select if you want to have session in my clinic room, or over the phone.

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