Stop Gambling Hypnosis


Stop that gambling with Hypnotherapy and NLP. In just 6 sessions you will have control and stop the gambling and be on your way to having the life you want.

Stopping that Gambling is easier than you think using Hypnotherapy and NLP

Our program has been specifically designed to provide you with the ability to stop the gambling completely, and have this control long lasting.

We help with all types of gambling. Which is your problem with gambling:

  • Pokies
  • Horses
  • Dogs
  • Casinos

Our program is designed to:

  • Help you gain control and stop gambling
  • Deal with habits and reasons why your gambling is out of control
  • Know what to do if the thought comes back so you do not lose control again

Most clients want the change to occur now.  Using hypnotherapy and NLP enables us to help you to stop your gambling.  Gambling has many anchors to other life events, thoughts, emotions and beliefs that have develop over time.  Therefore the program is a 6 session program. From the first session you are already gaining control.  The program starts with a 90 minute appointment to understand your problem and start making the changes.  Then we have five 60 minute sessions working on getting it fully under control and keeping it that way. On occasions it can take a few more sessions to control it fully.

Now just imagine you have stopped the gambling and it is under control, notice how things have changed.  How you have control of your life and notice what is now working for you.  It is a fantastic feeling.

Take Action Now and book a Complimentary Discovery Session to learn how you can take action to stop the gambling?

I am committed to helping you change if you are willing to make the commitment to the program.  Just think about the current gambling problem.  What is it costing?

  • Just in physical cost, how much are you spending?
  • How are your relationships with family?  Is it working for you?
  • Can you locate happiness in your life, especially when you are LOSING the money? That is why it is gambling; you are not expected to win.
  • What is the impact on your career?