How important is food to weight control?

When you think about controlling weight what is one point that often comes up? That you “have to eat a good balanced diet.” Many clients who come to me for weight control have tried to eat a balanced diet but find their problem is they over eat sweet foods like chocolate, biscuits, lollies, etc.
The question I have for you is: What does food really have to do with controlling your weight? What is the importance of good food?
The answer to the question may be different to what you think. Open your mind to the following possibilities and see where it takes you.
Firstly, for a person who does not have a weight problem, how do they eat?

  • They know when they are hungry and so they eat when hungry
  • Since they know hunger then they can know fullness, which is the absence of hunger.  So they eat only until they are not hungry.
  • This means that their mental habits take notice of their bodies feelings of hunger and fullness.

We are often told calories in should be less than calories burned to lose weight.  But how do you know the number of calories burned to therefore know that those burnt are more than what you consume?  The answer is in the points above.  Know true body hunger and fullness.

Dr Rik Klausman has a scale he uses for hunger and fullness.  Between 1 and 10, 3 is hungry and 5 is full.  Anything under 3 means that you are going into starvation mode.  Anything over 5 means you are eating too much and will be over full.

To control your weight or lose weight therefore means you need to get back in touch true body hunger for food and thus know when to stop eating.  If you do not have the hunger and fullness signals, then what has switched it off?  Your Body?  Or is it more likely that your mind has created habits that overrule your hunger and fullness, since our mind is very powerful?

So to get your eating back into control you need to change your mind and bring back hunger and fullness (a bit like getting back on a bike when you have not been on it for a long time, you never forget how to ride a bike, but you need to remind yourself what to do).

So what about food then.  If weight is about calories burned up by the body, then any food you eat, whether healthy or not, will be stored.  So food will influence your weight, but it is really hunger and fullness that is to most important part.  Food really is more about getting the right ingredients into the body to keep you healthy.

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David Donahoo


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