Frequently Asked Question!

These are the most frequently asked questions about Hypnotherapy, NLP and our sessions.

  • Q.What is Hypnosis?

    A.Despite that you may have heard, hypnosis is not sleep, but rather it comprises mental and perhaps physical relaxation, the removal of conscious interference, and finally uses the receptivity of the unconscious mind to receiving instructions or suggestions.

  • Q.What is NLP?

    A.NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  NLP is the study of human excellence, and makes available a body of knowledge about how we go about making sense of our experiences and interactions with others. It is a journey of self discovery. It allows you to generate your own learning’s and come to your own realisations and awareness by looking at the processes taught.

  • Q.Can I be Hypnotised?

    A.Hypnosis is like day dreaming or night dreaming.  Everyone does it, but you do not know how you do it.  If you can day dream you can go into hypnosis (trance).  It is getting the brain waves to go down from the Beta level where you are most of the day into a more dreamy Alpha-Theta level of brain wave. Some people are able to go into hypnosis much easier than others, just like some people day dream more than others. It is the skill of the Hypnotherapist, who has learned may ways of getting you into hypnosis, that makes the difference.

  • Q.Is Hypnotherapy covered by Health Funds?

    A.Health benefit refunds may be available for:

    • Australian Unity,
    • CBHS,
    • Medibank Private with Plus Program,
    • GU Health,
    • MBF,
    • Teachers union
    • and other smaller health funds.
  • Q.Is there a guarantee for the hypnotherapy?

    A.When you go to a Doctor or a Psychologist you do not get a guarantee that they can help you resolve your problem completely, as there are many factors involved that will influence the resolution. One of the important factors for hypnosis is that the client feels comfortable and safe with the Hypnotherapist.  You may still feel nervous, anxious or emotional, that is normal.  The Hypnotherapist can help resolve this through hypnosis. If you do not feel the hypnotherapist is the right one for you, tell them. One way that I make sure I can help you is to chat on the phone before the session.  By finding out your situation and issues, I am able to explain what I can help you with and how. But like most modalities, there may be times when it does not work fully.  In those situation I will refer you onto someone else who may be able to help.

  • Q.What are the Benefits of Hypnotherapy?

    A.Your benefits include relaxation, calmness, clarity and much more. In fact our Hypnotherapy and NLP programs successfully provided benefits for you for problems with:

    • Anxiety Coaching – Allow you to overcome your anxiety for good. You no longer just need to cope, as you can learn to release it and live your dream of being free of it.
    • Removal of Phobias – You are free to do what you want without running away .
    • Smoking Cessation – Put an end to the cigarette cravings and quit smoking without nasty medication, your health will certainly thank you for it.
    • Life Coaching  – Transform your life so you can live the dreams you have as you make them reality. 
    • Spiritual Coaching – Learn and expand your knowledge, experience and abilities with intuition, energy and the spirit world.
    • Past Lives – Discovering what happened in other lives that may be impacting you in this life.