Discover Yourself Journaling

Discover Yourself With Journaling

How do you work things out? Do you discuss it with your family or friends? Do you go and be by yourself and think it through? Do you get the answers you are looking for?

When I was considering writing my book about relationship breakups I thought through some of the areas the book would cover. I asked others for their opinions of what I should include. I then started to journal and make sense of what I received.  This enabled me to write an outline and stories for the book, which made it much quicker when I wrote the book.

Writing or journaling is a great way to make sense of what you are thinking. It gives you a way to discover yourself. You can be open and completely honest with yourself about the question you are asking. Your journal does not have to be shared with anyone else. Many of the thoughts I have written about for my book will never be seen by anyone other than me.

If you want to know yourself better or get clear on your thoughts, then consider writing or journaling to let it out and gain more clarity.

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David Donahoo

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