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David Donahoo is an Anxiety Coach helping you overcome your anxiety and panic in your career, business, sales, presentation and life.   David also coaches you in Awakening and Clarifying Your Purpose, and in Tapping in to Your Never-Ending Wisdom.  David uses Hypnotherapy, NLP, Matrix Reimprinting and Psychic Mediumship in his various coaching programs.

The Eyes of Horus services are provided at:

  1. Your Location - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 6pm and 9.30pm
  2. Clinic room in Wheelers Hill:
    • To be advised.

The Eyes of Horus services can be booked at:

You can book online for a complimentary discovery session; or for existing clients book your next session at

Or David can be contacted on 0419 517 716, or email:


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