Compelling reasons for Success

A number of years ago a study showed the most productive day for most people is the last day they work before going on holidays.  When going on holidays you know you cannot leave outstanding tasks until the next business day.  You either need to complete them, put them on hold or have others agree to take them over. Then you can go on leave.

Why does this productive day occur? It is because you have a compelling reason to get your work under control so you can successfully go on leave.  For some people, leave is just a week at home. In my case, this year it was a 4 week holiday to England and Ireland, which was a major goal of mine.  Which of these types of holidays do you think is more compelling: to stay home or go to England and Ireland?

Interestingly, when I have asked this to some clients, I did not get the response I expected. I would have thought that everyone would say: England and Ireland, but some instead they would prefer to stay at home.  I wondered why this was the case?

Until you actually begin to understand the other person, you cannot know their motivations or reasons for what they do in their life, health, career, relationships, entertainment or wealth.  It may not be the same as yours.  If you love to travel and are happy to go to England then you would be motivated.  If instead you travel overseas for work, then home may be a more suitable holiday location.

You are motivated by what is important to you.  You are always motivated even if it is to sit and do nothing. However, you may not be aware of your unconscious motivation that interferes with what you think you want now.

The motivation that will create success in your life is linked to a compelling reason to achieve success in a specific area of your life.  A compelling reason will drive you to complete a task, project, or break through obstacles that appear when you set goals for your success.

When you think about the successes you want in your life, what are your compelling reasons for having these?  Since there are always reasons that will stop you from moving forward, your compelling reason must be strong enough to overcome those obstacles that will stop you from achieving the success in your life.

So to achieve success in areas of your life, find that compelling reason that will drive your motivation through all the obstacles that could stop you.

This then leads to our next blog on What is Success?

Have a great day learning about yourself and others.


David Donahoo

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