Changing Your Journey

Changing Your Journey

Changing your Journeys in life!

In my last blog I had you review your various life journeys. How did you go? Did you make any discoveries to help you make better decisions to change your various journeys?

How does change impact you? Change exists to enable you to refocus due to external forces impacting your life, business, health, wealth and spiritual development. Change can be initiated by you or it can be initiated by others you know or do not know. Back in the time of the GFC, many businesses and business owners were impacted by situations that they had no knowledge of and no involvement in. Yet businesses had to change due to the events at the time so they could continue to be in business.

When considering whether you change your journey or not, here are 4 questions that come from my NLP training that are worth considering:

  1. What would happen if you did change?

This questions means you need to review what impact the change would have on you, your business, family, health, wealth, spiritual direction and personal development. It implies you need to be aware of how the change could be beneficial or how it could be destructive. Does the change fit in with where I am planning to go? Is this change good for me, others and the world?

  1. What would happen if you didn’t change?

In other words, what will your journey be like if you remained exactly as you are? Will your life still be working? Would continuing this way, keep your dreams alive? Think about the people around you being sick and tired of life. How would this impact you?

  1. What wouldn’t happen if you did change?

Sometimes when an opportunity to journey in a new direction appears, you can jump at it without really considering what will not happen due to you making the change. Recently I drove past a house that was only partially built and had been abandoned. I wonder if the owner decided to change their financial journey which resulted in abandoning the house. This question is often not asked.

  1. What wouldn’t happen if you didn’t change?

This is a mind bending question and requires time to contemplate. By breaking the question down, it means identifying in your journeys what is not happening now that would be beneficial for you as you contemplate what you don’t know.

So if there are situations, events, opportunities or people that are making you consider whether to keep on the same journey or move it, then ask yourself those four questions to assist you in making the choices.

Have a great day in the box you live in.


David Donahoo

Coach, NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist

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