Changing the Anxiety Journey

Do you have a thirst or hunger for learning? I know I do! Recently I was listening to Dr James Hardt, from Biocybernaut talking about anxiety and changing brain waves. He has 7 and 14 day programs in the USA where he teaches people to gain control of changing their brain waves so they can be sit in the Alpha relaxation range rather than Beta stress.

What I found fascinating about his talk was what he said about anxiety. I remember when I suffered from anxiety of claustrophobia, I went on a journey to overcome my fear so that I could live the life I wanted, where I had no more anxiety, panic or discomfort in situations where my claustrophobia and anxiety troubled me. What I learned was that my fear was wanting me to get rid of all anxiety. I learned how to overcome my anxiety, I learned that it is not practical to have no anxiety or discomfort. Having overcome the claustrophobia and my many other fears using hypnosis, I now know how to cope when I feel a little nervous, unsure or uncomfortable at times without anxiety. This is a normal state for living.

Dr Hardt mentioned that he helps people release anxiety by helping them to move to higher alpha level brain waves. In simple terms this means closing your eyes and using self-hypnosis and meditation so you focus on yourself and let your thoughts float by. As the thoughts float by, it allows you to let go rather than hold onto the thoughts and try to make sense of them.

I learned to do this using hypnosis and NLP. So, when thoughts come in, I detach from them, observe them and make conscious decisions whether to take action, or just let it flow past.

You can learn to do this detachment. If you need help, I can teach you how to do this and have you practice it. You can book in for a hypnotherapy / NLP session at, or call me on 0419 517 716.

Recently, I had a free night in Sydney and went on a ghost tour at the Quarantine Station near Manly in Sydney. The tour group were in the quarantine hospital and it was very dark. One person commented about feeling something in the darkness, which the guide acknowledged. I could sense it also and I did not feel comfortable. I started to have some fearful thoughts and had a feeling of discomfort. So I observed these thoughts and feelings and knew I was safe and that I could cope with the uncomfortable feel. Importantly, I decided not to act on the feelings and thoughts. I stayed with the group for the rest of the 20-minute talk which I found to be quite exhilarating.

When you have thoughts around anxiety, fear, nervousness or discomfort, rather than just believing the thoughts, you can learn to observe and disconnect from them. As you practiced this, you will notice that you are able to just let them go.

Have a great day.


David Donahoo

Coach, NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist

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