Empathic - The Eyes of Horus

Are you Empathic?

A few years ago I used to watch a show called Psychic Kids.  In this show, several children and their parents would stay at a location over a weekend and learn to develop their abilities.  The show helped kids who had abilities but did not know how to use them and helped the parents to…

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Angel at your back

Angel Got Your Back

Has an Angel got Your Back? “I’ve got your back.” It is common expressions where someone else is looking out for you. It’s like having a second pair of eyes.  Imagine if there was always someone looking over you. Someone who always has your back.  If they were always there to protect and help you,…

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spiritual developnent close group in doncaster for 2014

Read this only if you are interest in Spiritual Development

You are  spirit having a human experience.  This means that the spirit world is active in your life, whether you know it or not. Are you interested in finding out how the spirit world help you when things are working and what their role is when things are not going as you want or expect?…

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