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Steps to help another person with anxiety

Have you ever seen a person having an anxiety attack?  It is not pleasant for the person experiencing the anxiety and it can be awkward if you are watching and don’t know what to do.  When I asked friends what do you do to help a person experiencing anxiety, they do not know. Having had…

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Are you confused about whether you have anxiety or stress?

There is often confusion between stress and anxiety. They are different and the resolution of anxiety needs to be different from resolving stress. Please watch this video so you can learn the difference and how to resolve each.   What to do next? If you need help with your anxiety, book in for a complimentary…

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Daydreaming The Eyes of Horus

Importance of Day Dreaming

You are sitting at your desk, frustrated, annoyed, angry or sad about what you are going through.  You want to imagine a different life, but all you can do is focus on your life, career, health or wealth that is not working for you. The first step to creating change in your life is to…

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Being 100% Responsible - The Eyes of Horus

Being 100% Responsible

A man who I will call Ben (not his real name), saw me about his relationships with his partner because he had been kicked out of his home.  His wife had taken out a restraining order against him. He blamed her for not letting him into the home and being included as part of the…

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New School Year - The Eyes of Horus

Preparing your child for the New School Year

I remember back when my son was going from primary school to year 7 at secondary school.  My wife, son and I were invited to an introduction night at the school where they would talk about the upcoming year and the issues that some children have in transitioning from year 6 to year 7. They…

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